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to be a campaign stop for mitt romney, that is a terrifying response this mexican restaurant in denver, colorado, is now getting. the cafe a has been a neighborhood joint for years and the owners who are from mexico are mormon. they say they just didn't want it be a campaign tool, but weren't expecting this kind of backlash. >> i couldn't sleep last night. we didn't want to exclude anybody, we just didn't want -- we didn't want to be a campaign stop and boycott came in. my phone is blowing up from my e-mails. you know, i'm getting 100 e-mails. i already deleted 100 of people saying that they want to see us out of business. >> our affiliate kusa says the restaurant's phone was constantly ringing while they were there to interview the owner and even listen to callers telling the owners to go to hell, that's a quote. >>> after a stronger than expected performance in this week's debate, mitt romney is riding a new wave of momentum. today right into the critical swing state of florida where he will be campaigning all weekend long. they believe romney ve-- so, ca romney use this new-found momentum to
on the presidential cam pains. particularly in some key swing states. both vice president joe biden and mitt romney have cancelled campaign rallies in virginia beach that were scheduled for this weekend. the obama campaign says biden's schedule was changed so police and emergency crews could stay focused on helping people with that storm. first lady michelle obama as well cancelled a campaign rally. this was in another critical swing state, in new hampshire. it was scheduled for next week in durham, but that campus is closing for that storm. sandy's political ramifications don't stop there either. take a look at this picture that we put together for you. it shows some of the campaign layers hitting the east coast. as we mentioned, campaign events across the country being delayed or cancelled already. we've told you to expect huge travel delays as well. alexandria just mentioned that. in addition to impacting millions of travelers, though, the campaigns may have to make some last-minute maneuvering themselves. and finally, a major storm hitting the most densely populated section of the country, coul
and mitt romney are hunkered down for their final face-off. final preparations are also being made at tomorrow's debate site. that's lynn university in boca raton, florida. you see it will. the verbal dual if will focus this time on foreign policy. wednesday mr. obama plans to pull an all-nighter both in key battleground states to launch a whirlwind tour of six states starting in iowa and he will cast his vote early in chicago on thursday. romney, meanwhile, held his final formal fundraising event last night. he has raised more than $361 million in his latest bid for the white house. >>> president obama has secured the endorsement of ohio's largest newspaper. the cleveland plane dealer says that obama has fumbled the economic recovery but also says he has led the nation back from the brink of depression. ohio in particular has benefit from his bold decision to revive the auto industry. it was gutsy, and it worked. ohioans are making cars in toledo and lordstown. they're back on the job. that's leadership that deserves a chance to finish the job. >>> mitt romney is picking up an end
and donations. still, mitt romney was depicted making big bird thanksgiving dinner. if romney wins, i die, but governor romney offered some hope. >> i'm not going to kill big bird, i promise, but there can be advertisements on pbs to help pay for big bird. big bird is going to have to get used to kell logs corn flakes. maybe this is what it would have sounded like. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. >> reporter: >> oh, that's too bad. >> reporter: if big bird joined the debate. >> i like pbs. >> reporter: >> oh. >> i like big bird. >> really. >> reporter: jeanne moos, new york. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. victor blackwell is off today. it is 8:00 on the east coast, 5:00 a.m. out west. thanks so much for starting your day with us. we begin this hour with the latest jobs numbers. they are providing ammunition in the battle for the white house. the labor department says 114,000 jobs were created in september with the unemployment rate coming in at 7.8%, that's a drop of 0.3 from august. the obama and romney campaign jumped on these figures and, of course, they came down
candidate, mitt romney, cannot win the white house if he can't get at least 40% of the latino vote. he's nowhere near that right now, randi, so this should be a big problem for republicans. >> amy, latinos say that the democrats have done a much better job in terms of reaching out to latinos and minority voters. what, if anything, do republicans need to do to turn around that perception? is it too late? >> well, interestingly, during the conventions, president obama, he outspent mitt romney 7-1, but the spending that mitt romney did do during his convention was mostly in hispanic media. so you see the romney campaign is very aggressively trying to court and reach out to hispanic voters. but let me get to this 40% number that maria threw out there. in fact, george bush did win in 2000 with 35% of the hispanic vote, depending on who you're talking to in 2004, he won between 41% and 44%, and that was really surprising. that was a high water mark. because last mid-term election, interestingly, in 2010, you had record hispanic turnout for a midterm election, 6.6 million voters and 38 voted
preparing for monday's debate and mitt romney is doing debate prep, but he'll attend a fund-raiser in palm beach, florida. more than 2 million people have already cast their ballots in early voting. 23 states have already started. 11 more start next week. and when it comes to early voting the obama campaign has been boasting that they are winning. romney's camp, however, says they are not. cnn's political editor paul steinhauser joins me now with more on this. paul, do we know who is right here? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. the boasting coming from vice president biden yesterday in florida. democrats are happy. they are saying they are seeing early numbers, and they are very confident with what they are seeing in the early voting. republicans are countering they see a lot more republicans registering to get absentee ballots or to vote early than compared to four years ago, victor. what's the truth? well, we really don't know because you don't know what the vote is right now. all you do know in some states whether it's democrats or republicans voting early, but there's no guarantee that all
, the obama campaign took in $181 million in donations in september. that's also a record. mitt romney hasn't released his september fundraising numbers just yet. >>> romney is also off the trail today after making several stops in ohio yesterday. ohio is one of those critical swing states as well. the stops there make it nearly 20 trips to the state for romney since april. yesterday he kept up the pressure on president obama and offered his vision for the future. >> i believe in america. i believe in you. i believe we're coming back, but i immediate your help as well. i immediate you to vote. i need you to get other people who voted for barack obama to come join our team. we need ohio. if we hit ohio, we're going to be able to take back america, keep it strong. >> romney's vice presidential pick, paul ryan, was also in ohio. he was meeting people in youngstown. ryan is back in wes wisconsin today. >>> here's what the race looks like in ohio obama by three points. in our poll of polls, these are post-debate numbers. before the first presidential debate president obama's lead in ohio was abo
'll find out if governor romney's tax plan can lower your tax bill and shrink deficits at the same time. now back to randi kaye and "cnn saturday morning." >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn saturday morning." >> governor romney's campaign was asked about the lily ledbetter rule, and he said i'll get back to you. >> it was the issue that sparked a national dialogue about the women's vote. we talk with lily ledbetter about equal pay, her reaction to the debate and the number one issue for women issues. >>> they're the 8% to 10% who may decide the election. all morning we're putting the uncommitted voter in focus. >>> one week after the tragic suicide of amanda todd, a canadian law mamaker is introdug legislation to combat cyber bullying. so why is one father, who also lost his son, against it? >>> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. on the west. glad you're with us. we start with new evidence of security concerns in libya and warnings from a murdered ambassador. chris stevens sounded the alarms before he and three other a
fix you up! we've got a cure! >> mitt romney took no time to fire back against the president's comments. during his rally in florida, he said obama is avoiding real issues by talking about romnesia and claims it's a sign obama's campaign is shrinking. >> have you been watching the obama campaign lately? it's absolutely remarkable. they have no agenda for the future. no agenda for america. no agenda for a second term. it's a good thing they won't have a second term. they've been reduced to petty attacks and silly word games. just watch it. the obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign. this is a big country with big opportunities and great challenges, and they keep on talking about smaller and smaller things. >> it's not just the candidates talking. there are also some influential newspapers making some picks. "the denver post" is throwing its weight behind president obama. the newspaper wrote that the president has shown that "he is a steady leader who keeps the interest of a broad array of americans in mind." the newspaper said that his opponent mitt romney
for the candidates. the race right now is as tight as it comes. the latest poll has romney at 48%, president obama at 47%. so essentially we're talking about a dead heat. cnn political editor paul joins me now with more. he's live in pensacola, florida, one of the critical swing states in this election. mitt romney is headed your way today in hopes of winning over undecided voters there, paul. but how close is it politically in the sunshine state right now? >> reporter: it is very close in the sunshine state. in fact, take a look at this, christi. this is the most recent poll we did about a week ago. you can't get much closer among likely voters. mitt romney with a one-point edge, but that's all tied up in the sampling error. this is the first of three stops today for mitt romney across the state. he'll be campaigning with marco rubio, the popular freshman senator here in florida. we had this up on our website you can see how much attention florida is getting. both the candidates made well over 20 trips each here to the sunshine state since the start of the general election back in april.
was just $53. what about mitt romney? well, his campaign hasn't released their september numbers yet, but they have said that the campaign has raised $12 million just since wednesday's debate. >>> there are just 30 days left until the election. that means every day and every event is even more critical. cnn political editor paul steinhouser tells us what's on tap for this week? >> hey, good morning, randi. >> foreign policies in the campaign -- when mitt romney gives what his campaign is billing a big speech which happens to be a crucial battleground state. we may hear romney criticize the president over last month's killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya. >> we face a time when there's tumult in the middle east and other parts of the world, and people are asking where is america, where is american leadership? as for the president he start the week out west before reaching out to voters tuesday in another crucial swing state, ohio. both campaigns will highlight high profile surrogate this is week. >> this is a pivotal election. >> former president clinton teams up with mr. obama at
. as for his challenger, similar situation with mitt romney. he is having to make some changes as well because of this hurricane. he has canceled all of his campaign events in virginia, and will now join husband running mate join paul ryan on a bus tour through the mother of all swing states, mother of all battle grounds in ohio, the republican mom knee that will also be campaigning in iowa, wisconsin, and new hampshire through tuesday. speaking of iowa, mitt romney is getting a boost from that state. did you check the des moines register just last night. this is just in here. they have now officially endorsed the republican candidate. a strong record of achievement in both the private and public sectors and ran a successful business that turned around failing companies. keep many mind, they endorsed barack obama four years ago and also the morning times, they're going with president obama here. the newspaper published an op ed just this morning. as much of an endorsement as the president -- as a rebuke of republicans really. "the times" writes that mr. obama has impressive achievements despit
.d., which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> so, ron, how do you address those allegations? what do you say? >> he does not speak for the administration. voter fraud is prosecuted by district attorneys here in pennsylvania, not the attorney general. he's right, attorney corbt would not have prosecuted that. we believe that about 1% of eligible voters did not have photo i.d. when the law was p s passed. as far as who it would impact, i don't think anyone really knows that and point out that poll after poll here in pennsylvania and across the country shows large majority of voters, including democrats, support the concept of having a photo i.d. what it does, preserves the integrity of every vote that does not give us something we have right now. verify the identity of that voter when they come to the polls. maybe there is a little voter fraud in pennsylvania and maybe there's a lot. no one really knows and people who care about elections should support this common sense step to make sure our elections have fair. >> i appreciate you both of you weigh
. >> it is for mitt romney, he is spending a second day in ohio and with with 18 electoral votes up for grabs. he was speaking with his running mate last night. paul ryan today will have a separate event in ohio. and tonight, romney goes home and goes under lock to get ready for the second presidential debate and the same for president obama, randi. because he is going to williamsburg, virginia, but he is not going there to campaign in the crucial state, but he is doing basically debate prep between now and tuesday. here is the thing about tuesday's debate, because it is different from the presidential debate, and that was a week and a half ago in denver. this is a town hall for mamat a different feel from the questions of the audience, and the monitor is our own candy crowley and a lot at stake coming up on tuesday night at hofstra university in new york. randi? >> yes, a whole different energy as well, which the candidates will feed off of with the town hall feel, but we are going to be talking a little bit about florida later on in the show this morning, paul. certainly one of the big swing st
, today, to do a little debate prep. >>> mitt romney heads off for debate prep tonight, but first he and paul ryan have got a busy day of campaigning planned. he's spending another day in ohio speaking in lancaster. romney talked about how proud he was of the vice presidential choice and ryan's performance at the debate earlier this week. >> we got to watch this guy debate, and there was one person on the stage with thoughtfulness, who was respectful, who was steady and poised. there's one person on that stage you'd want to be with the there were a crisis and it's this man right here. >> romney and ryan are both in ohio today. this is the live picture from youngstown. paul ryan will be speaking there in just a few minutes from now. ohio is one of the key swing states for both romney and obama. both have spent a whole lot of time there talking to voters. so how are the voters receiving all that attention? cnn political editor paul steinhauser joining us now to talk about that. good morning to you what. is the story in ohio? >> reporter: ohio -- it sounds like a broken record. but thes
these? take a look at this one. yeah. gym tan/romney right there. and this is the next vice president of the united states. that looks like screech from "stave bell." the hat on backwards. >> not a flattering assessment, but a lot of the people look at the pictures and they think they are cheesy. >> well, it is -- you know, it could be worse, because when you hear never before seen pictures of the vice presidential candidate, at least he is fully dressed, because it could be different. >> but the question is are they harmless fun? well, we are trying to find out and jeanne moos got the reaction of the glamour shots. >> reporter: does this picture say mr. vice president to you. this is paul ryan. >> is that him? >> no, no, that is worse. that is like, oh, no. >> oh, yes, and the photos of paul ryan working out that came out in "time" magazine have plenty of fans tweeting, too, and just like that panties drop and the internet melts. >> looks fine. >> the knees are bony. >> and noted one poster, big bird call and he wants his legs back. paul ryan is the broest bro to run for vp and he is
kids. mtv did invite governor romney to a similar interview. >> his hat, his hat the whole interview. >> i was thinking the same thing. that's brave to go interview the president -- >> and keep it it's part of his look. but he kept on that hat for the entire interview. >> he looks good in it. >> an interview with the president of the united states. >> all right. >>> if we look at that hat, he worked it. >>> the election could be affected by what's already being called a historic storm. we could see flooding, power outages, wind damage, all across the northeast. this is expansive. >> millions of people could be affected and those along the coast are scrambling to prepare. nick is watching this storm by the numbers. and these numbers are huge. >> we're expecting new numbers from the national hurricane center to come out later this morning at about 8:00. but until then, we've been reaching out to aid agencies. everybody's poised and prepared for this expected landfall. it's already been a fatal storm. it just got worse. we heard from the puerto rico this morning, one more death added to
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)